Charitable Foundation VNTU

For the record, publish brief information about the organization, in particular the income received and purchased material and technical values donated to the Vinnitsa National Technical University (the previous during the work).

In the autumn of 2014 was held report-election conference of charity Charitable organizations NTB. The results which have been updated governing bodies.

In the period from 1 January to 1 September 2016 attracted 42,350 hryvnia, 2015 - 32 400 USD, and in 2014 - 97 100 UAH.

These amounts were involved the results of fruitful cooperation. For given period thanks to the initiative of professors - Pavlov SV, Zlepka SM, Osadchuk OV MESYURA VI, Kukharchuk VV Petruk VG, Bisikalo AV, AV Grushko, Kucheruk VY, A. Semenov, Vice Rector Kovalchuk VI students from the local branch of the engineering students European universities BEST Vinnytsia.

The funds were aimed at:

  • Education and Research Center for the development of radio systems and complexes devices "Sky Valley" in NTB;
  • Institute of Masters, postgraduate and doctoral studies;
  • center of the European Students of Technology BEST Vinnytsia at NTB (organization and IT-Revolution of 2015; Engineering competition 2015; Summer Course 2016 «G-Project: choose ECOparty, we have free cookies »; Career Fair 2016, Engineering competition EBEC-2016 and other measures).
  • organization and a nationwide student competition VSORT- VSORT 2015 and 2016.
  • Vseukranskoyi organization and conduct of the student competition Programming in 2015; Since its inception to September 1, 2016 on the proposals from students and university employees, management Foundation transferred Vinnitsa National Technical University:
    - ZAZ 110557 2001 model year;
    - two TVs 19 "Samsung LE-19D450;
    - a signal generator Siglent SDG-1010
    - Four digital oscilloscope Siglent SDS1022DL
    - two laptops Aser TravelMate P253-E-10002G 50 Mnks
    - eighty-four book "Fundamentals of metrology and electrical measurements.
    Handbook "(21 pieces); "Theory of electrical engineering. Electromagnetic field.
    Handbook "(21 pieces); "Theory of electrical engineering. Transients in linear circuits. Synthesis of linear circuits. Electric and magnetic linear range.
    Handbook "(21 pieces); "Theory of electrical engineering. steady linear circuits with lumped and distributed parameters.
    Handbook "" (21 pieces).
    - building materials to create a learning lab for interdepartmental based automation hardware, manufactured and provided by "SV ALTERA»;
    - energy-efficient lamps and bulbs;
    - Consumables;
    - stationery;
    - printer cartridges; and other low-value items.